Learn More About Your Customers

We facilitate the process of analysing activity, so you can learn more about your customers. Spinview’s data analytics platform delivers deep insights into how your users are interacting with your products in real-time through your own private dashboard.

Manage all your tours in one place and track by the hour, day or month with all the features you would expect from a mature analytics platform. Using our analytics, you can determine ROI and learn in detail about your audience.


Full market breakdown with all statistics broken down by territory


Full consumer demographics including session, bounce, duration, visitor and search data


View results broken down by platform and compare the different user behaviours – track by hour, day and month

Visual Statistics

Understand your users’ interests and how they move to gain invaluable key market research insights.

Heat Mapping

See visually inside your content: where are people looking? What is their dwell time? Compare your data against the average.

Route Tracking

Follow the path your users take – how long they dwell and the most popular routes.

Test store concepts with ease and use quantifiable tracking to ensure that new stores have the best refit possible

Save time and resources by using Spinview virtual tours to research your shop layouts, improve customer service and drive sales. Create different virtual layouts, establish the most effective product positioning and use for training.

Point of Interest Tracking

How do users engage with the interactive elements of your tour? Find out how long they spend looking, how many images they view and their click-through rates.