Test store concepts with ease and use quantifiable tracking to ensure that new stores have the best refit possible

Save time and resources by using Spinview virtual tours to research your shop layouts, improve customer service and drive sales


  • Create different virtual layouts
  • Test store concepts with ease
  • Establish the most effective product positioning
  • Customer Service Training
  • Quantifiable tracking

Case Study

Spinview Global were asked to partner with a research agency for a key client. The client wanted to overhaul and refit multiple stores but were not sure which of two concepts would be the best layout. Objective: test both options in a low cost environment to drive final store fitting optimisation.

Using Spinview’s virtual tour and analytics tools, the agency were able to track their test subjects’ behaviour online and get the valuable research data they needed.



“By using Spinview’s unique marketing solutions and technology we were able to save money and improve the ROI of our store refit. We’re excited to work with Spinview as we refit all 470 stores”

Michael Grimborg, CMO Synsam Group